It has arrived: a brand new HealthUnlocked search!

We’re very excited to share our new search with you. You can now search for questions, posts, and replies much easier than ever before.

We understand that in addition to seeking advice you may also be interested in discovering what others have already written about your personal health interests. With this new HealthUnlocked search you can find out what others are saying about a condition or topic of particular interest to you and see which conversations on HealthUnlocked are popular.

More than just improving the design of the search results page, you can now search directly in your community in addition to across all of HealthUnlocked and you can sort your results either by relevance or by date.

Here’s a quick guide to helping you get started with the new HealthUnlocked search:

1. Select the community you’d like to perform a search in by clicking on it in the community dropdown list in the green HealthUnlocked menu bar at the top of the page


2. Once on your community homepage, type in a word or phrase you’d like some more information about in our search bar in the top right of the page and hit the return or enter key on your keyboard


3. This will deliver you a set of results as shown below


4. Though the default is to display them sorted by relevance, you can sort them by date by clicking on ‘Date’ in the right hand side column


5. Additionally, you can also decide whether you’d like to display the results just in your community or if you’d like to expand your search to the rest of HealthUnlocked by making the appropriate selection in the right hand side column


Here’s a quick video guide introducing you to search:


As a bonus, we thought we would help you identify which conversation threads are popular. This is why from now on you will see that certain search results have Popular displayed to the right of that result’s title.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

– Amedeo d’Amore, HealthUnlocked Marketing Executive

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