2013 HealthUnlocked Awards for Excellence Winners


2013 was a year marked by milestones for HealthUnlocked as April saw the 100,000th member join the social network and May was the first time 1 million visitors came to the website in just a month. This was followed by the launch of a new HealthUnlocked in July, setting us up for the next milestone as September saw us add Spanish and Portuguese to open up the website to new members around the world.

These milestones are what led the 170,000th member to join HealthUnlocked in October.

But, none of these achievements would have been possible without the amazing community administrators on HealthUnlocked. Over the last 12 months, they played a crucial role in ensuring that these members have a safe and comfortable environment to find answers to their questions.

While there are too many outstanding administrators to name them all, there are a few who stand out. And these are the winners of this year’s HealthUnlocked Awards for Excellence.

Global Admin of the Year

Nick York, Trustee of the CLL Support Association and admin of CLL Support, stands out as the 2013 Global Admin of the Year for all of his dedication at a time when HealthUnlocked went through such changes. Having only launched his community at the end of 2012, it’s through his work and ability to find a great co-administrator, AussieNeil, that CLL Support has some of the most engaged members across HealthUnlocked.

European Admin of the Year

As the administrator of Thyroid UK Support, one of our oldest and largest communities, Louise Warvill has time and time again shown why she is one of the top admins through her drive to support members by making sure that nearly no one’s question remains unanswered.

And the finalist for the 2013 European Admin of the Year is one of the most popular admins on HealthUnlocked. In just a few short months, WhyWhy successfully returned the Anxiety Support community to being one of the most active and most supportive on the platform.

South American Admin of the Year

Cecilia Rodriguez, also known as Ceciliarod, admin of Arthritis Chile demonstrated real passion from the start as well as commitment to patient empowerment and communication for people with a common health interest. This in turn led to a very active membership and a proactive environment to safely share knowledge. Keep it up and hope to see grow in Chile Arthritis HU.

Our finalist, Mirna Hernandez, known as fibromialgiamexico in HU, is the admin of CACF, one of our most energised communities. She accomplished this by providing members with relevant information about the organisation and answering everyone’s questions. It’s through these efforts that her community stands out from our Spanish language communities.

Breakthrough Admin of the Year

Luiz Flávio Leite, the administrator of ANAD, one of our first Portuguese communities, is the 2013 Breakthrough Admin of the year because of his tireless work publishing articles of interest and answering everyone’s questions. FF49, as he’s known in HU, is an avid reader of our monthly newsletter as he tracks the analytics which demonstrate his community’s growth.

While these admins each stand out for a particular reason there are many amazing administrators on HealthUnlocked. They all play a crucial role in ensuring that all members can find the support they need from people and organisations they know they can trust. So please take a moment to thank your administrators, without whom you wouldn’t have this safe community on HealthUnlocked.

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