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Welcome to the HealthUnlocked Academy!

Everyone here at HealthUnlocked is very excited to invite you to the HU Academy. We’re making this available to all our community administrators to share our secrets about how to manage an online community. Having received a lot of questions from administrators about how they can grow their communities and engage with their audience we thought we’d share this knowledge with everyone together.

Starting in April, we will release materials and events based on the curriculum set out below. In the end we have lots of goodies that we can’t wait to share with you!

HealthUnlocked Academy Curriculum

Chapter 1: Social Media 101: We will start by covering the benefits of using social media to reach a wide audience along with an overview of some of the platforms available and how HealthUnlocked can fit within your social media strategy. See here

Chapter 2: Navigating HealthUnlocked: Our Head of Product will explain the features of your community as he guides you through the HealthUnlocked platform. See here

Chapter 3: Launching your community: We will go over the first things that we recommend for you to do in order to successfully launch your community. See here

Chapter 4: How content improves your community’s visibility: Now that you have successfully launched your community we’ll give you an overview of how having great content will increase its visibility, which will help you reach more individuals who are looking for support. See here

Chapter 5: Dealing with Problem Content: As your community grows you may occasionally find that a member may publish some problematic content, which includes self-harm and spam. Here we will give you suggestions about how you can manage such posts or questions in your community. See here

Chapter 6: Communicating Health: We will look at different health promotion approaches and positions and how they can influence people’s behaviour change. It’s a moment to reflect on the way you offer advice and information to the members of your community. Coming soon!

Chapter 7: Using unique tools & activities to further your community’s reach: In this discussion we’ll go over some examples of marketing activities that can help improve your brand recognition online as your community’s reach widens as well as how certain unique tools help achieve that goal as well. Coming soon!

Chapter 8: Understanding your audience & empowering your power users: As your community membership grows it’s important to understand who makes up your audience. In this webinar we’ll explain what you can learn by looking at your community’s data and how that will help you understand who are your power users and how to engage with them. Coming soon!

Chapter 9: Gamification as a way to engage with your members: The best communities are typically the most vibrant ones, whether they are among the largest or not. While there are many ways to achieve that, we’ll conclude the HealthUnlocked Academy with a webinar that covers some of them. Coming soon!

We can’t wait to kick off the HealthUnlocked Academy with Social Media 101 on Thursday April 17th at 11:00AM and we’re looking forward to helping you better manage your community. Please do get in touch with us through our Help Centre if you have any questions.


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