Top 4 ways to boost the visibility of your posts

Hello everyone. I’m Hugo, Member Relations Manager at HealthUnlocked, here to share a couple of tips. When you’re starting an online movement there’s nothing more important than to be able to connect with the right audience as quickly as possible. For many online communities it takes years to build momentum.



The good news is we’ve spent a long time making HealthUnlocked searchable on the web. Searchable content is important as it makes it easy for new people, who may not know about your community, to find your community and become part of your moment. By sharing in this way you reach more people as an individual and with other pioneers you build an online movement. 

Please note that you can always choose to restrict your posts to the community if you wish (find out how here).

But that’s only half the story. You can help more people find you by the way you write. Through a simple technique called ‘Search Engine Optimization’ (SEO) you can write in a way that massively alters how many people can find you.

4 tips that will radically change how many people see posts on the web

1. Keywords: – Include key topic words in the text.
It seems obvious but try to include the main topics of what you’re talking about in the text. Imagine writing four or five shorthand words that completely summarize the post. Then make sure they are all in the text at least once. It makes a massive difference.

2. Links:
Linking to relevant, useful resources makes a big difference to the way Google rates your post. The more useful the links to the reader the more likely Google will reward you. As an example here I’m going linking to an article about the value of health blogging.

3. “Ten things you need to know about X”
It’s all about clarity and techniques that make it easier to educate others. Lists often work the best – Look at the title of this post – it works brilliantly for Google!

4. Promote your posts:
Just as linking out makes a difference, so does traffic coming from other sites. You can do this easily by getting people to link to your posts via your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or even a website. When you write something you want people to see remember to promote it wherever you can!

For those posts where you want lots of people to connect to what you’re writing using these tips will make a big difference.

To find out more about making the most of HealthUnlocked check out Social Media 101 for charities article. 

Thanks for reading & please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. 

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