Welcome to our fresh new look

At the beginning of this year we asked our members what we could do to make HealthUnlocked even better. We’d like to thank the thousands of you who took the time to respond. The result is a brand new look:


5 things that have changed

1. A better mobile website. 67% of you use HealthUnlocked on mobile or tablet. We’ve made it faster and easier to use on your devices.

2. New Community Homepage. The new community home shows new posts, you can still find all the community activity in your news feed by clicking on HU logo.  

3. Posts and Questions are now Posts. Many told us that separate posts and question tabs were confusing. So we’ve merged everything into Posts.

4. A Beautiful Profile. We want things to be more about you. Personalize your HealthUnlocked profile with a banner image and share your health interests with your community.

5. Follow new communities. We’ve made it easier to find all the new health organisations that join HealthUnlocked every week. Just click “Browse Communities” and follow more communities that fit your health profile.

What next?

We’ve been testing and refining the platform with 5000 users over the last month and had some great feedback from many testers. People are staying longer, and communicating more in the new setup. New features will appear in the coming weeks and months based on feedback, making it easier to connect, follow and share.

Above all we’re excited to welcome you on board. Give it a try, we hope you’ll like it. And you can find extra support at our Help Center

Best wishes,

The HealthUnlocked Team


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