Test-drive your new newsfeed (now live!)

The new design we launched last month was the first of many steps to improve your experience on HealthUnlocked. We know finding recent activity is key so we’re making your newsfeed a better place to find it. Here’s what we’ve done:

1. Bunched replies

If someone writes a new post, all the replies will appear together, bunched and manageable. And when there’s a new reply the post gets bumped up as the first item on your news feed.


2. Filters

Back by popular demand is the ability to filter your news feed by your own posts and those of individual communities. Hope this helps!


3. Profile box goes east

You’ll notice the profile box is now on the left of the news feed. Nothing more than this at the moment but it allows us to add new features for getting more out of your profile (coming soon).

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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