An improved community homepage (with bells and whistles)

We do our best to boost the experience of being part of HealthUnlocked. This week’s tweaks are about signposting the top new posts we know are getting the most interest in your community. And our new bell icon notifies you when anyone contacts you directly.

‘Top posts this month’ on your community home page

In your community homepage we’re replacing ‘latest posts’ with ‘top posts this month’. In this case ‘top’ is shorthand for posts-most-viewed-per-day (for posts in the last 30 days). The idea is to give visitors access to the posts members find most interesting.


Ding-dong! Someone’s responded to you

Now there’s an easier way to see who is responding to your posts and replies. From now on, whenever someone replies to a post or comment you’ve made, you’ll see it right away on the new bell icon in the HU green bar at the top of the screen.


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