Following people and posts

Never miss updates from people and topics you care about: you can now follow people and posts just like you follow communities.

Here’s how it works. Follow another user to get notified every time she writes a new post and follow posts to be notified every time a new reply is added.

To follow someone else simply visit their profile and click Follow user (see below).

Following a post works the exact same way. You’ll find the Follow post button next to Recommend button on every post page. 



If for whatever reason you decide to stop following a someone (or their post) just go back to that user’s profile (or post) and click the same button. That’s it, you’ve unfollowed (don’t worry, we won’t tell them!).


Your privacy is still in tact. You can always mark your post as private at the time of posting. This means that if one of your followers isn’t a member of your community then they won’t be notified of your post and that members will have to be logged in to read the full post. So, in essence, the privacy rules remain unchanged.

What am I following?

To see the people and posts you’re following head over to your newsfeed. You’ll see the lists of users and posts there on the right side of the screen.

That’s it! We hope you like it. If you have comments and suggestions send us a message – we’re always looking to improve your experience!

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