People near me: connect with others like you near you

A recent survey showed that prior to joining HealthUnlocked 70% of members didn’t know another person with their condition or in their health situation. People Near Me is one step toward more meaningful connections.

Our new feature allows you to see which members from your community are closer to you. You opt in by using your postcode or ZIP code (or your city of your country doesn’t use postcodes). We then show you an approximate location between you and others. This means that you’ll never know the exact location of another member, but can still get a good idea of which members are closer to you.

For example, if I follow the Couch to 5K community I can easily identify others with whom I can discuss running routes or local services.


In essence, it’s a quick way to connect with others who have similar health interests (identified by being in the same community) and similar locations.

For each person in your list of People Near Me you’ll see a Follow button, which is a quick way to connect and receive updates about that user. And if you’re feeling a bit more courageous you can also visit a user’s profile page and send a message introducing yourself.

Note: People Near Me is currently in beta, which simply means that it’s not yet perfect. Bear with us as we iron out any kinks that may arise.


Locations are approximate and only show estimated distances from other users, but never the location of another user. Only HealthUnlocked members can use this feature and you can only see members from communities you belong to. Members can opt out at any time. If you want to opt out of this feature, please visit your account settings.

As always, get in touch to let us know what you think!

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