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The 12 Days of HealthUnlocked Christmas

13 December 2016 

Today we have officially launched the 12 days of HealthUnlocked Christmas.  

Each day we will feature a different condition or disease in a new blog on HealthUnlocked.

Tuesday 13 December – On the first day of Christmas – Endometriosis
Wednesday 14 December – On the second day of Christmas – Lung cancer 
Thursday 15 December – On the third day of Christmas – Lupus 
Friday 16 December – On the fourth day of Christmas – Alzheimer’s disease 
Saturday 17 December – On the fifth day of Christmas – Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
Sunday 18 December – On the sixth day of Christmas – Ovarian cancer
Monday 19 December – On the seventh day of Christmas – Asthma 
Tuesday 20 December – On the eighth day of Christmas – Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
Wednesday 21 December – On the ninth day of Christmas – Leukaemia and blood cancer
Thursday 22 December – On the tenth day of Christmas – Multiple sclerosis (MS)
Friday 23 December – On the eleventh day of Christmas – Erectile dysfunction 
Saturday 24 December – On the twelfth day of Christmas – Weight loss

To do the campaign we are partnering with 12 charities and nonprofit organisations. Each day we will feature a new disease or condition, including its prevalence, symptoms and where you can get more information or support.

You can help support the campaign and ensure everyone gets the support and information they need, by sharing our day and the blog on Facebook or Twitter.

Our campaign is a slight twist on the traditional 12 days, running in the days up to Christmas (rather than after).


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