Ask me anything (AMA) – depression, anxiety and ovarian cancer – two more opportunities announced on the HealthUnlocked platform

9 May 2017

Two fantastic opportunities for people to ‘ask anything’ to doctors and experts on depression, anxiety or ovarian cancer have been announced on the HealthUnlocked network.

The Ask Me Anythings (#AMAs) provide access to expert and clinical information outside of the traditional consulting room. The AMAs will be live Q&As for a whole hour.

The Ask Me Anythings (#AMAs) will be on anxiety and depression and and ovarian cancer. 

They will run within the Anxiety and Depression Support (ADAA) online community and SHARE Ovarian Cancer Support on HealthUnlocked respectively. Both of these online communities already support millions of people to access better information and support on the disease each year.

The AMAs are open to anyone with or affected by the disease. The questions will be answered by leading experts who will share their insight, experience and knowledge directly on the community.

To post a question you will need to pre register on HealthUnlocked and ‘follow’ the community you will be asking questions on.

Anxiety and Depression Support (ADAA) 
Date: Tuesday May 16
Time: 1pm ET/6pm BST
Experts: Psychologist Dr. Debra Kissen, Clinical Director of the Light on Anxiety Treatment CBT Treatment Center of Chicago and Psychiatrist Dr. Karen Martinez, Principal Investigator at the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus

SHARE Ovarian Cancer Support 
Date: Wednesday June 14
Time: 12:00 PM ET/ 5pm BST
Expert: Dr. Don Dizon, an expert in gynecologic oncology at Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center.

You can view the transcript with all the questions and answers asked in last week’s lung cancer AMA with Free to Breathe, on their community

AMAs are increasingly becoming a popular way to find out specific and expert information on your health condition on HealthUnlocked.

Please help us share the AMA details on Facebook and Twitter – together we can ensure everyone with anxiety, depression or ovarian cancer gets access to the information they need.

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