HealthUnlocked becomes 2nd most popular health website

21 July 

Last week, we became the second largest health website in the UK*. That means that more people than ever before are coming to HealthUnlocked, finding answers, asking questions and sharing their insight.

It may go without saying that at HealthUnlocked HQ we’re constantly working on improving We add features (such as our latest Needs Assessment), make the site faster, partner with an increasing number of patient organisations, and more.

What may not be so obvious is that some of these changes are purely technical. The platform is huge with a large, and growing, number of shared experiences. Some of what we do is just about making the site as available and readable to search engines as possible. This gives sites like Google the ability to point people to the most helpful posts, which helps us help our partners help as many people as possible.

And with this news, we can see this work is paying off, and we’re delighted to be the place so many of you turn to, to help you manage your health and wellbeing.

Joel Patrick
Chief Product Officer (CPO)

*According to Alexa, an analytics company owned by

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