Interview with Carolyn Barkin, judge in the HealthUnlocked Health Blogger Awards


11 August 

We spoke to Carolyn Barkin, Director of Delivery and Guidance at Simplyhealth, to see why health blogs matter to her, what she is looking for when judging the HealthUnlocked Health Blogger Awards and why the carers awards is so important.

The awards recognise the contribution and real life impact that health and wellbeing bloggers have on millions of people across the world.

1. Tell us about the Health Blogger Awards?
Blogging has become a really important part of health information and health promotion worldwide. In many ways blogs are just a modern extension of how we’ve always sought health information – we’d just ask our friends for advice! Now, our ‘friends’ come from all over and provide first-hand experiences that have the power to inspire us, challenge our thinking and change our health habits. That’s powerful stuff and exactly the kind of writing that the Health Blogger Awards aim to recognise.

2. As one of the judges, what are you looking for in a blogger?
Someone who is passionate about their subject, who writes with knowledge, integrity and accuracy, and with compassion for their readers. Someone who really gets how technology can be leveraged to bring people together with the information, advice, support and resources they need. And if there is a little bit of humour in there, so much the better.

3. One of the awards recognises people or organisations that blog about caring. Why do you think this is so important?
Caring is a critical issue for society today. More of us are caring for older relatives, while the pressures on the social care system ramp up year by year. Health information blogs can be a powerful force for good – signposting and sharing information, empathising with and inspiring carers.

4. Who should enter these awards?
Health bloggers who meet these criteria!

5. In no more than four words, tell us what you think makes a good blog?Engaging, personal, informative, inspiring

The awards are open to health bloggers from across the world. For more information on the awards or to apply visit

Simplyhealth supports the Care Community on HealthUnlocked, a place for people caring for others to come to and connect with other carers. Simplyhealth’s goal is to improve the lives of older people who need care and those who give it.

For more information on the judges, including Carolyn, see the judges page.

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