We interview Eva Lake, a judge in the HealthUnlocked Health Blogger Awards

16 August  

We spoke to Eva Lake, head of Digital Engagement at NHS.UK, to see why health blogs matter to her and what she is looking for when judging the HealthUnlocked Health Blogger Awards.

The awards recognise the contribution and real life impact that health and wellbeing bloggers have on millions of people across the world.

1. Tell us about the Health Blogger Awards?
I’m a huge advocate of the value of hearing from someone who has ‘walked in your shoes’. While reliable clinically signed off content has an essential role in our digital world, when you get that hand in hand with real people and real stories, it can help you feel less isolated, and inspired to make a positive change in your health. The Health Blogger Awards recognise the important role that bloggers play in well being, and I’m really excited to see the entries of people who have changed lives through sharing their personal stories, or brought the stories of others to life.

2. As one of the judges, what are you looking for in a blogger?
I’m looking for storytelling, empathy and honesty. Maybe humour if appropriate, but mainly I’m looking for real stories and humanity alongside the health theme.

3. One of the awards recognises people or organisations that blog about healthy eating or weight loss. Why do you think this is so important?
In our airbrushed society, weight challenges and eating behaviours are still surrounded with stereotypes and judgement. I’ve seen some inspirational people using the NHS weight loss forum on HealthUnlocked, where people rally together and create such a positive team of cheerleaders for each other’s successes, and helping maintain willpower when it is low, with really life changing results. The same with the couch to 5k – you can’t not be affected by the stories of people who have never previously run in their life sharing their pride (and exhaustion!) as they build up to and achieve 5k runs, finding self confidence as their fitness builds. When people blog about their experiences and help others get off the couch (or whatever rut they are stuck in), and feel amazing about themselves, that is well worth celebrating!

4. Who should enter these awards?
Anyone who is passionate about health and wellbeing, whether that is focussed on helping others or their own stories, I’d love to see what you’re writing about and how recognising your blog could help others find out about it.

5. In no more than four more (words?), tell us what you think makes a good blog?
Honest, passionate, non-judgemental, accessible

The awards are open to health bloggers from across the world. For more information on the awards or to apply visit

For more information on the judges, including Eva, see the judges page.

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