Interview with Peggy Bezruki, a nurse and judge in the HealthUnlocked Health Blogger Awards

21 August

We spoke to Peggy Bezruki, a registered nurse and Support Line Manager with Free to Breathe in Madison (WI. US), to see why health blogs matter to her and what she is looking for when judging the HealthUnlocked Health Blogger Awards.

The awards recognise the contribution and real life impact that health and wellbeing bloggers have on millions of people across the world.

1.  Tell us about the Health Blogger Awards?
These awards allow us to recognize and thank the kind and generous people who contribute so much of their time and passion towards the creation of a blog that serves to uplift or enlighten others.
2. As one of the judges, what are you looking for in a blogger?
I would look for commitment to the subject and the audience; a respect for the subject demonstrated by a well-designed blog; careful, accurate information; and a sincere sharing of thoughts and emotions reflecting the desire of the author to engage their audience.
3. One of the awards recognises people or organisations that blog in a way that supports people to manage their own health better. Why do you think this is so important?
At Free to Breathe we focus on giving clear and accurate information about lung cancer and the treatments available. We put an emphasis on peer-to-peer support for patients, survivors and caregivers and we offer a free support line for gaining access to resources and for emotional support. We do this so anyone diagnosed with lung cancer, or their loved ones, has the tools they need to ask meaningful questions of their medical team, to prompt discussions with family, and to help create priorities when making decisions about health management and care.
4. Who should enter these awards?
I believe that anyone who has a sincere passion for what they write about, personal or professional knowledge of the subject, and a commitment to helping others, should seriously consider being part of this wonderful Blogger Awards program.
5. In no more than four more, tell us what you think makes a good blog?
Passion, Knowledge, Compassion, Generosity

The awards are open to health bloggers from across the world. For more information on the awards or to apply visit

For more information on the judges, including Peggy, see the judges page.

Free to Breathe on HealthUnlocked, is an online community that supports people with lung cancer and their caregivers, offering education, connection to resources and opportunities for engagement. Free to Breathe aims to double lung cancer survival by 2022.

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