Survey shows more of you sharing information that’s helping other people on HealthUnlocked

3 October 

Earlier this year we asked a selection of HealthUnlocked users how and why you used HealthUnlocked, and today we have published the results.


We found that more of you than ever before were coming to HealthUnlocked to access health information and found it extremely useful to you, it helped you manage your health better, improved the discussions you had with doctors, gave you a better understanding of your condition by connecting with other people who had it too and even reduced the amount of times you went to the doctor.

Key results of the survey show:

  • 41% of you came to HealthUnlocked before visiting their GP
  • 27% of people cited that they went to the doctor less because of the information they got from HealthUnlocked.
  • More than one in two people used the information they got from the HealthUnlocked platform during consultations with their doctors, resulting in better interactions with clinicians.
  • 77% of people found that by coming to the platform they had more confidence in managing their own health.
  • 63% of people had never met someone else with the same health condition as themselves before coming to HealthUnlocked
  • 60% of people with a health condition were interested in taking part in a clinical trial and the biggest barrier to doing so was not knowing how to access them.

You can download the full report here.

These results show us how much of an impact HealthUnlocked makes on all of your lives and the importance of bringing people with the same health conditions together.  

The survey was completed by 2079 HealthUnlocked users, all of whom had been active on HealthUnlocked on the previous three months. The survey was sent to a selection of users, who were considered to be representative of the whole user base.

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