What’s your health story? Our users show what it is like to live with a health condition

1 November 2017 

Everyday people come to HealthUnlocked to connect with other people with the same health condition or those going through similar experiences to themselves.

We have been speaking to some our users about this and their health, and will be sharing their stories in their own words, with you over the coming weeks.

John is 70 and unknowingly had atrial fibrillation (AF) for years, before being diagnosed and beginning treatment in 2014. He later went on to have a stroke in 2016.

John has led an athletic lifestyle for most of his life, which he believes hid the fact that he had AF, a heart condition that causes an irregular and often abnormally fast heart rate. In 2014, he was treated for AF and a range of associated problems, before going on to have a stroke two years later. This stroke has affected his short term memory, sight and ability to drive.

 This is John’s health story.

John is a member of the Different Strokes and AF Association online communities on HealthUnlocked.

Do you have your own health story to share? Could you do your own short video and tell us more?

Whether your video explains what living with an illness or disease is really like, how you overcame adversity, a story about how you learnt to live with a diagnosis or condition, or even how connecting with other people with your condition in HealthUnlocked has helped you, we want to hear from you.

You can email your video to or share with us on facebook or twitter. Please use the hashtag #UnlockYourHealth

A bit more about your video:

  • Your video could be anything between 20 seconds to 1.30 minutes.
  • Your stories will be part of our health story campaign, a collection of real experiences that show the real side of illness and wellbeing
  • Tell us a bit about the health condition or disease you have

Talk about what you wish other people knew about that condition or disease.

Or how you’ve overcome challenges to improve your wellbeing (such as weight loss or Couch to 5k).

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