Feature update: Improvements to how we tag posts on HealthUnlocked

16 November 


We are reviewing and improving how we ‘tag’ posts on HealthUnlocked to improve their quality in response to feedback from the people who come to HealthUnlocked. 

Tags help people to find information on particular health conditions by grouping all posts with the same tag together. They are automatically assigned every time a person posts into a community on HealthUnlocked. We do this by using technology to recognise what each post is about, and then assign ‘tags’ to describe what the user is writing about.

These tags are particularly useful when searching for information on a particular condition or symptom. However, occasionally this process can assign a ‘tag’ to the post that is not quite right. The changes we are making will make it clearer and easier to remove tags that are not correct.

Last month we asked people on the HealthUnlocked Latest community for their feedback on how topics and tags are used within HealthUnlocked. You told us that problems with the tags meant sometimes it was hard to find relevant content. These ‘tags’ are different to ‘topics’, which people already manually select for their post.

Our tech team have been working to improve the technology behind the tag system and to better understand what people write on the platform. This will in future help people to search and find the content and information you want.

From this week some users may start to see some of the following changes when they post to the platform:

  1. New look to tags: Tags will appear slightly different to visitors to the site, making them easier to see and read.
  2. Review and removal of tags when you post: Some people will be asked to review the tags on their post prior to posting. We are initially testing this with some posts (but not all of them) as they happen. 

All these changes are in a testing stage, and if successful will be rolled out across the whole of HealthUnlocked and all users.

Thank you to everyone that gave us feedback on the topics feature. We hope that this change will help make our site even more useful to you all. If you would like to comment further on these changes, you can do it on the HealthUnlocked Latest community.

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