The HealthUnlocked Advent calendar has begun

4 December 

On Friday 1 December, we opened the first door of the HealthUnlocked advent calendar. Each day we will feature a new health condition and the associated online community you might like to join until Sunday 24 December.

See symptoms, interesting statistics and much more each day on some of the most common and the more unusual health conditions. You can also comment on what you see and read on the HealthUnlocked latest community

You can read the blogs as they are published below – we will add a new one to this blog each day. 

Door 24 – Get started on your Couch 2 5K journey

Door 23 – trichotillomania – a personal account of someone who felt compelled to pull their hair out 

Door 22 – what are the symptoms of ovarian cancer?

Door 21 – What is it like to be a carer? 

Door 20 – Is pain in the brain? Dealing with chronic pain

Door 19 – Leukaemia can affect both children and adults 

Door 18 – Anyone can have a problem sitting down, but when is is ADHD? 

Door 17 – PTSD is often misunderstood. Do you know what it is? 

Door 16 – When is the right time to talk to your doctor about prostate cancer – this is something all men should know

Door 15 – do you know the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis? 

Door 14 – colorectal cancer – the importance of getting screened 

Door 13 – the 10 things you probably don’t know about Lupus 

Door 12 – why do people in ICU get delirium and think people are trying to kill them? 

Door 11 – one in 10 women in the UK have endometriosis – find out more...

Door 10 – one in five people over 40 have myelopathy – yet most people don’t even know they have it!  

Door 9 – Do you know what Strep B is and why it matters to new borns? 

Door 8 – 10 facts you might not know about MS

Door 7 – Every 90 seconds someone is admitted to hospital with a brain injury 

Door 6 – You are not alone with a lung cancer diagnosis 

Door 5 – Do you know your asthma triggers? 

Door 4 – Ovarian cancer with Ovacome

Door 3 – Living with tinnitus with the British Tinnitus Association  

Door 2 – What is Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) with CLLSA

Door 1 – Give your kidneys some heart with the National Kidney Foundation (NKF)


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