Did you miss any of the HealthUnlocked Advent Calender?


29 December 

Throughout December we have open the door on 24 health conditions for the HealthUnlocked advent campaign.

Each day we have delved into some of the diseases and conditions that affect millions of people across the world. Some you may have heard of before, whilst other health conditions may have been new to you. We hope you found it interesting and informative as you read about prevalence, symptoms and some key facts about a condition.

Despite millions of people often having the same disease, many people go through their lives never meeting anyone who has their same condition. This can be very isolating and difficult. We are trying to change this. 

Together, people can provide support and compare experiences that can really change lives. 

Each condition in the HealthUnlocked 24 days of advent has its own free online support community on HealthUnlocked. In 2018 we will bring even more online communities onto HealthUnlocked, supporting more and more people, across even more conditions, 

Each of the featured conditions is also supported by a charity or nonprofit organisation who positively change many lives every single day, not only in their HealthUnlocked community, but in the fantastic wider work they do.

We hope you have enjoyed the HealthUnlocked Advent Calender. On behalf of everyone at HealthUnlocked we would like to wish you a very happy New Year. 

See all the conditions we covered and details on them here. In each blog you will find a link to the online community that covers the condition. 

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