Where to get online support if you’ve been diagnosed with lung cancer

In honour of World Cancer Day, we’ve asked members of the HealthUnlocked Lung Cancer Support community to share some insights into their journey.

In these videos, we learn about the great deal of anxiety people affected by lung cancer can face around an upcoming scan, what happens when being told that there are no treatment options left and the multitude of emotions that can accompany a lung cancer diagnoses.

Have you been engaged in the wider lung cancer community since your diagnosis and how has that impacted your experience with the condition?

Many individuals experience a great deal of anxiety around upcoming or recent lung scans – have you been affected by this and do you have any specific coping mechanisms?

Lung cancer remains a disease where too many patients reach a point where they are told there are no treatment options left. Is this a fear and if so, how do you cope?

A multitude of emotions can accompany a lung cancer diagnosis. How have you dealt with the emotional impacts of this disease?

What we’ve learnt from these stories of lung cancer patients is that most people never meet another person, in their extended social circles, who have been diagnosed with lung cancer. At HealthUnlocked, we provide online communities where people affected by long-term conditions such as cancer can interact with each other, ask questions and share experiences. And this often leads to more people feeling less isolated and alone post-diagnoses. If you’ve been diagnosed with lung cancer and are looking for a safe space to talk, join our Lung Cancer Support community on HealthUnlocked.

We also partner with leading patient organisations to bring you qualified cancer support and resources in the following communities:

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