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Working at HealthUnlocked: A sneak peek at our employee wellbeing program

This national Stress Awareness Month, our Delivery Ops Manager, Sadie Taber, in our London office talks to us about the culture at HealthUnlocked and how important we take employee wellbeing.

“I am lucky enough to work for a company that promotes peer to peer support for health and well-being conditions. A company with this dedication to improving the health of others includes putting the mental health of its employees first.

There are many things that HealthUnlocked does to make sure that we feel supported, comfortable and safe while working together. What I find the most rewarding is having the support of staff members that are separate from my direct line manager. We have a team of dedicated staff that look out for the well-being of our employees and try to catch up with each employee at least every two weeks. This makes me feel very supported knowing there is someone I can reach out to about work or non-work related issues that are affecting my mental wellbeing.

img_0867-2-2.jpgI also find that having a relaxed and friendly work environment helps to promote positive mental health in the office. We are a small company that has a lot of work to do, but it’s strongly encouraged to take breaks and make time for yourself each day. We have a lovely set up in the kitchen that allows for a complete break from our desks and encourages socialising with each other. Mornings often begin with coffee on the couches and conversing over bagels and cereal at our large communal table. Fridges are stocked with healthy snacks and a few indulgent treats to snack on mid-afternoon while chatting with a colleague about the latest Game of Thrones episode. We are encouraged to eat lunch away from our desks to feel like we have at least one actual break during the day, as well as trying to get a few minutes away from our desks throughout the day if we can.

Aside from these daily treats we also have a variety of activities that are suggested by different employees to encourage socialising as well as learning different interests and hobbies. We try to explore different local restaurants as a team for lunch on Fridays and have monthly socials after work at one of the many incredible places London has to offer. We’ve done things such as rum tasting, petanque on a rooftop and a North London scavenger hunt. We also try to have movie nights, game nights and arts and craft nights. Having this variety allows us to get to know each other better in different ways than just meeting in the kitchen during the day and allows us to explore new hobbies we never knew could bring us joy.

I have already mentioned that HealthUnlocked put the mental health of their employees first, but when I say this I really mean it. I have no problem admitting that I struggle with mental health issues and I feel supported by my company 100% of the time. They work with me to ensure I have access to professional help or external resources if I feel it’s necessary and they make it clear that my mental health is what is most important. Knowing I have that support and care towards me is the most incredible and rewarding feeling.

Working in a small tech company comes with its own stresses and every person has different issues that they are constantly working through – but being able to combat these stresses and pressures with small things like a positive environment and a supportive, social team makes a world of difference, and I am very lucky to have found that in HealthUnlocked.”

If you’re battling with stress in the workplace or in your personal life, it’s important to speak up so that you get the support you need to improve your health and situation. Join one of our online support communities on HealthUnlocked, like Mental Health Support or Anxiety and Depression Supportand get advice from people who understand.

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