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10 tips to improve your mental health

Talk about how you feel
Talking to others about how you feel can be difficult. You may feel you are burdening them, or even that your problems do not have validity. Exploring your concerns with others helps you to gain a sense of relief, and assists you in taking charge of your mental health.

Drink less alcohol
There are many reasons we choose to drink – to cheer ourselves up, to celebrate with friends, or to cope with feelings of loneliness or anxiety. Monitoring how much, when and why we are drinking is an important act of self care that improves our mental health and general wellbeing.

Keep mentally & physically active
There are strong links that show exercise releases chemicals in your brain that make you feel happier. Exercising regularly will not only boost your self-esteem, but it will also help you have better concentration, keeping your brain more active.

Be more social & stay in touch with others
Spending time with friends and family is crucial in allowing us to feel more included, valued and cared for. Socialising keeps us engaged and active, and provides different perspectives on difficulties we may face.

Do something you are good at or enjoy
What is it you love doing or get lost in? Was there something you used to be interested in, but life got in the way? Taking up an activity, either new or familiar, will promote good mental health, boost your self-esteem and lead to the development of friendships, new social circles or relationships.

Take a break or do something new 
Changing routine or doing something different promotes us to think and act differently and learn new ways of thinking. This can be as simple as going somewhere different on your lunch break, or deciding to walk part of the way to work. Even small changes invigorate the mind.

Keep learning
Learning gives a sense of achievement and boosts your confidence and self-belief. Learning does not need to be complex, even something simple like learning how to fix a puncture on your bike can make you feel accomplished, and lead to learning or trying something more challenging.

Finding self-acceptance
Our individual differences are what make us unique. However, acquiring a sense of self acceptance is a difficult, and often painful experience. The concept of the self is one which often changes and develops. Taking steps to allow ourselves to simply be ourselves, has an important impact upon our mental health.

Be altruistic 
Caring for others, whether it is volunteering a few hours of your time or just doing something extra for a friend or family member, can really improve your mental health. Altruism also adds depth to relationships and can bring you closer together.

See a psychotherapist
The support and guidance psychotherapy provides, can allow you to live a life that feels more connected, real and meaningful and provide you with a better sense of yourself and promote better mental health and wellbeing.

You can also find peer support online in one of the hundreds of supportive communities on HealthUnlocked. Speak to people who’ve been in your shoes; connect with people who truly understand what you’re going through. Start here.

Written by Joshua Miles 
Joshua Miles is a psychotherapist in Hackney, London. You can contact him here


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