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Since 2014, Veganuary has inspired more than half a million people in 178 countries to try vegan for the month of January – and beyond. According to the official Veganuary charity, 2019 has seen 200 000 people pledging to go vegan for the month, with even more pledges in 2020. That means at least one person has signed up to the cause every eight seconds.

With week 1 of Veganuary in full swing, our vegan community on HealthUnlocked helped us curate this list of simple vegan recipes to help you cook up a scrumptious meal for every day of the week.

Monday – The Roast Butternut Squash Salad

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Kick start the week with a healthy salad made of roasted butternut, spinach and all things good and wholesome. This salad is perfect for a quick lunch at the office or at home when you don’t have much time to cook. It can also be enjoyed as a side to your Monday night dinner – giving you the burst of energy needed to take on the week. Grab the recipe!

Tuesday – The Vegan Chilli

Image credit: vegetariangastronomy.com

Turn your Taco Tuesday vegan with this incredible and surprisingly effortless recipe for chilli con-carne. Serve with classic corn flour taco shells, guacamole and salsa and you’re set for a Mexican delight. Grab the recipe!

Wednesday – The Smokey Mac and Cheese

baked mac on round black ceramic plate

Feeling the midweek blues? This mouthwatering vegan mac and cheese is all the comfort food you need to get you out of the slump. This recipe serves 4 portions with leftovers for the next day! Grab the recipe.

Thursday – The Red Tofu Curry

Image credit: veganuary.com

This four-step tofu curry recipe will have your guests eating out of the palm of your hand. It’s a supreme choice for a cold wintery evening, and can easily be turned into a low-carb meal – simply swap out traditional rice for cauliflower rice and you’re golden. Grab the recipe!

Friday – The Mushroom Sliders

Image credit: Waitrose & Partners

Who needs a fancy restaurant booking when you’ve got this tasty burger recipe in your pocket. If you like the sound of oyster mushrooms marinated in pesto and grilled on the barbecue then you’ll love this one. And the recipe makes 500g of pesto which you can store for later use on pasta and salads. Grab the recipe!

Saturday – The Banana Pancake

Try this one with the kids; a fluffy, dairy-free banana pancake covered with Maple syrup and topped with blueberries for the breakfast of champions. Your kids will agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Grab the recipe!

Sunday – The British Favourite

Image credit: veganuary.com

This fully loaded chicken style country pie with pomegranate is exactly what you need to end off the week on a high note. Serve with a spicy quinoa salad for a twist on a traditional British favourite. Grab the recipe!

If you’re thinking of going vegan or are interested in learning more about the lifestyle, our vegan community is the ideal place to start. Join Vegan Foods for Life on HealthUnlocked to connect with, get support and get answers to all your Veganuary questions.

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