We’ve launched an online support community for people in self-isolation

In the midst of the recent updates on COVID-19, more countries are advising people to practise social distancing and self-isolation in order to prevent the further spread of coronavirus. At HealthUnlocked, we’ve created a new online health community to provide peer support to people who will be self-isolating in the next few months.  

As the world’s largest social network for health, we’ve always been focused on breaking down isolation – our platform currently brings together 1.2 million people, across 300+ health conditions within 600 online communities. The new Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation community is no different – it will be a space for people to connect with others and find companionship during these times of uncertainty across the globe – especially for our more vulnerable senior members of society who require shielding from COVID-19. 

It is important that while in self-isolation we remember to focus on both our mental and physical health. With this in mind, the community will allow individuals to share tips, advice and experiences on how to keep healthy. Our aim is that this online support will complement the condition-specific advice members get from their other communities on HealthUnlocked, as well as from their physicians. 

The community is not there to provide updated medical advice, but to ensure the shielded get the support they need while in isolation, and to protect them from the consequences that may arise from being detached from society. We’ve already seen over 1,000 members in the community – many of whom are over 65 years old.  

“If anyone needs advice about how you can cope with being at home a lot or alone I might be able to advise about strategies etc.”

HealthUnlocked member

We’re also working closely with a network of 500+ Patient Advocacy Groups to provide support to members in condition-specific communities. A significant part of that support is referring people to validated sources like the NHS, CDC and the World Health Organization

Jorge Armanet, CEO and Founder at HealthUnlocked said: “At HealthUnlocked we are not only in a unique position to help the healthcare system in these challenging times, but it is also our duty and great privilege to do so. Our focus will remain on what we know best, helping people to tackle social isolation so we can relieve the healthcare system support burden.”

If you or someone you know could benefit from online peer support during these times of uncertainty, please join the Positive Wellbeing community, and share it with others who may feel more lonely at this time.

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